Protect your floors!

Effortless movement on all carpeted, wooden and tiled floors with Chairmate. 




Castor chairs have the following in common:

  • They all sooner or later damage the surface on which they are used
  • They don’t have the ability to glide effortlessly across every floor surface

Why everyone loves ChairMate®:

  • Effortless movement around your workstation
  • Years of protection to your floor surface, be it carpet, wood or tiles.
  • Unbreakable material
  • Durable textured surface finish and high impact resistance
  • SUPERGRIP ensures the mat stays in place thanks to a grid of 4mm undersurface spikes
  • EASYEDGE allows smooth transition from floor to mat
  • Misty translucent colour compliments all interior finishing
  • Prevents back strain due to chair castor resistance
  • Environmentally friendly – produced from recyclable Polypropylene
  • Sizes to suit all workstation requirements



Two Variations

Spiked Undersurface
Ideal for deep piled carpets. Specifications as below, while undersurface includes a grid on 25 mm centres of 4mm extruded spikes to allow the protector to grip into the carpet surface without damage to the carpet.

Nonslip Undersurface 
Ideal for tiled and wooden floor surfaces. Specifications as per basic specifications below, and undersurface includes nonslip strips to allow protector to sit firmly onto low pile carpet tiled floors as well as on wooden solid or laminate and ceramic tiled floors.


Material:               Virgin Polypropylene 
Thickness:            2.5mm
Corners:                Rounded
Colour:                   Misty Translucent
Upper Surface:    Mild leather grain

Sizes:                      3 perfect sizes, to fit any workspace, desk area or home office.

1200x900 chair mat

Size: 1200mm x 900m

Standard: with spikes for high-pile carpets
(Product Code: C1209 S)
Non-Slip: for low-pile carpets, wooden or tiled floors (Product Code: C1209 NS)

1350x1140 chair mat

Size: 1350mm x 1140mm

Standard: with spikes for high-pile carpets
(Product Code: C1311 S)
Non-Slip: for low-pile carpets, wooden or tiled floors (Product Code: C1311 NS)

1800x1200 chair mat2

Size: 1800mm x 1200mm

Standard: with spikes for high-pile carpets
(Product Code: C1812 S)
Non-Slip: for low-pile carpets, wooden or tiled floors (Product Code: C1812 NS)


  • Before you choose your shape consider your chair’s roll area.
  • Do you sit still or move from a desk to an extension filer or credenza.
  • Determine the furthest points you roll to retrieve items and then pick a size and shape that will cover these dimensions. 
  • There’s a range of sizes and shapes to suit your space.


  • Ensure the chair mat selected is correctly matched to the floor surface it is to be used upon.
  • Nonslip undersurface for laminate or hardwood floors and low pile carpets of 6mm or less.
  • Spiked undersurface for deep piled carpets. The depth of the carpet pile should be more than 6mm thick
  • Mats should be laid completely flat on the floor and should not overlap. 
  • Any liquid spilt on the mat surface should immediately be wiped up and dried to reduce the risk of slipping. 


  • Using soapy dishwashing detergent and a light brush with warm water and a subsequent dry down with a cloth is all that is required to clean your chair mat. 
  • Always ensure, when cleaning, that both upper and under surfaces are completely dry and free of water before reusing.


chairmate blue 1
We are conscious about our responsibility towards our environment and future generations and place great emphasis on our sustainable production processes.
We therefore use environmentally friendly raw materials.
Our floor protection mats are produced from the extremely hard wearing and durable Polypropylene which can be 100% recycled into many applications, from buckets and closures, to garden furniture, pallets, pipes, and more. 

When your chair mat reaches the end of its life, please recycle it. 


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30 Years of Excellence
For 30 years we have been the proud designers and suppliers of the ChairMate brand of carpet and floor protectors in South Africa.  
Through state-of-the-art extrusion and international design standards, ChairMate is today an industry leader supplying affordable superior quality carpet and floor protectors.
Floor protectors produced by ChairMate include the traditional spiked carpet protectors for deep pile carpeting and non-slip chair mats for low pile carpets, laminate and solid wood floors as well as tiled flooring.


ChairMate is available in South Africa through our trusted network of leading office furniture retail outlets. If it does not say Chairmate, it is not Chairmate. 

Simply click onto the retail outlet name (inside a block) to go directly to their web site, or click on “Store Locations” for details of the relevant branch closest to you.

When purchasing, always insist on the ChairMate brand for guaranteed quality, excellent service and a proud South African product.


If you experience any difficulty sourcing ChairMate® carpet protectors or floor protection mats, or if you need further information, please contact us:

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